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Books Authored by Dr. Maria Gwenetha Y. Pusta

Dr. Gwenetha Ybanez Pusta’s (EX-OFFICIO) life and career have been driven by a strong passion to educate young people in school and the workforce. Serving as a faculty member of the Department of Communication & Media Studies of the University of Santo Tomas – she handles diverse subjects such as Marketing Communications, Communication and Socio-cultural Change, Broadcast Journalism, and Communication Research.

A dedicated and experienced advocate of change, Pusta specializes in communication and media studies. Her recent role being a two-term member of The Commission on Higher Education – Regional Quality Assessment Team of the Office of Programs and Standards. Concurrent to this role are leadership posts in Philippine-based professional organizations such as: a three-term Board of Trustee of the Philippine Association of Communication Educators Foundation, Inc since 2009 and incumbent immediate past president of the same; a former Board of Director of the Philippine Communications Society and recently elected post as Board Member of the International Society for Third Sector Research where her leadership capabilities were ardently upheld. Her passion for research and innovation had given way to her first publication titled- MediaMorphosis in June 2014, a result of her doctoral dissertation in Development Studies at the Royal Pontifical Catholic University. The book espouses theory and practice in media studies for academics, industries, and organizations. Her exceptional organizational skills and ability to maintain the big picture while attending to details and logistics was a result of her training in planning and operationalization of ISO TUV 2001 and performance audits, contributing to her growth as a school administrator: Dean of the Thames International Business School in 2004 and Program Director of the St. Paul’s University in Quezon City in 2002.





MediaMorphosis: Dynamics of Social Change addresses the multi-faceted, plural, the diverse and emergent landscape of the intersections between communication and social change – political, economic, social, and cultural.

MediaMorphosis is the continuous mutation, remodeling, and reshaping – morphing of the inter-disciplinal and trans-disciplinal nature of Media Studies. It is for anyone who wishes to understand the character of today’s media products and media creators.




This book is tailored for the core subject of Media and Information Literacy of the Philippines’ Senior Hih School curriculum. It introduces students to a basic understanding of media and information as channels of communication and tools for the development of individuals and societies.

It also aims to develop students to be creative and critical thinkers as well as responsible users and competent producers of media and information. In addition to explanatory notes, each chapter includes mini case discussion questions and end-of-chapter case studies to help students grasp the relevant concepts and theories.








This book is tailored for the Marketing communications course at institutions of higher learning. It is designed to meet the needs of Asian undergraduate students majoring in Marketing and Communication studies. It starts off with discussions on the concept of integrated marketing communications (IMC) and the IMC process.

It then explores the marketing communication tools such as advertising, sales promotion, and direct marketing. The impact of social and digital media is covered as well. This book ends with topics on the international environment of IMC as well as social and ethical issues.