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PACE Supports World Radio Day (February 13, 2014)

Radio is still the foremost companion medium. The form may have changed with technological advances but the idea of providing the listeners with music , entertainment, information and public service continues to make radio an important medium today.

With our members nationwide, PACE shall ensure that our youth appreciates the value of radio and continues to use it responsibly.

As the country’s largest professional organization of communication and media teachers and practitioners, PACE is one with UNESCO in calling on our local, community, and national radio stations to make radio alive as it strives to be a venue to promote access to information, freedom of expression, and gender equality over their networks.

PACE supports the call of UNESCO to use World Radio Day as a means to promote gender equality by:

  • Sensitizing radio station owners, executives, journalists, and governments to develop gender-related policies and strategies for radio
  • Eliminating stereotypes and promoting multidimensional portrayal in radio
  • Building radio skills for youth radio production, with a focus on young women as producers, hosts, reporters
  • Promoting Safety of women radio journalists

Indeed Radio is not dead. It remains relevant in these challenging and changing times and it will continue to be a medium that will serve society for generations to come.